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Sharp Shots Top Tips

We are so excited to be judging the kids/teens photography competition and the winner receives a Brooklands Museum Photography workshop voucher to use on a date of their choice.

Sharp Shots Top Tips:

1. Put your subject on the left or right side of the frame, instead of in the middle of the frame. This is using the Rule of Thirds.

2. Use your feet to walk closer to your subject, and then your zoom on your camera lens.

3. Try taking the photograph from a different perspective (not at eye level). Instead put your camera on the ground, like an ant, or hold it high above your head, like a bird.

Join us for an inspiring photography workshop at Brooklands Museum, our next workshop is on Tuesday Oct 29th. More details can be found here: https://sharpshotsphotoclub.co.uk/brooklands-museum/

Event image

These are some sample pictures from our courses taken by:-

Emily (13yrs) - Banking

Finn (12yrs) - Concorde's Nose

Harrison (10) - Grille