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Membership Renewals & New Members

21 April 2020


The Brooklands Members have a more important role than ever to play in supporting the Museum and keeping the Brooklands spirit alive whilst it is closed. The many messages of support and financial contributions from Members are hugely appreciated. 
One really important way that Members can help the Museum now, whilst it is closed, is to renew their membership at the normal time. 
This keeps money coming in for the Museum, to help meet the many site and collection costs that are continuing even though it is not open. Many Members have already been doing this and if you can too, it is hugely appreciated. 
However, some of our members may be financially challenged during this period of great uncertainty. If you fall into this group, rather than you not renewing your membership, we would be willing to extend it to cover the period the Museum is closed - whether the renewal falls during the closure, or after we re‐open. We shall email or write to you about this at your normal renewal time. 
If your membership is not due for renewal for a while and you would like to help Brooklands Museum now, please join others and consider making a donation to the #LoveBrooklands appeal.Click Here to find out more.
We want you to keep enjoying your Membership whilst Brooklands Museum is closed. We will be continuing to send your copy of the Brooklands Bulletin, we are increasing the frequency of our email newsletters and there is lots of new content on our social media channels and website to explore, including recordings of new and past Members Talks, a virtual Easter egg hunt and much more. 
We hope that knowing there are many happy days to be spent at Brooklands in the future, is something to look forward to and a help to you and your families during the current challenges. 
We look forward to welcoming you back when we reopen.
Neil Bailey
Chairman Brooklands Member


We are extremely grateful for the support that the Members are giving Brooklands throughout this period of closure. Members are vital in keeping the Museum running throughout this period so it will be spic and span and ready for reopening quickly again once this is all over.

We are keeping the office open to a limited extent by working from home. The best way, and easiest for us, if to renew your membership online using the usual links. If you are finding that difficult then you can ring the normal number of 01932 857381 ext 226 which is diverted to Sarah at home. She can take card payments over the phone. The temporary office is open from 10am to 2pm only Monday to Friday. Please do not call outside of these hours. There is no ansafone facility. 

We will not be issuing membership cards at this stage but you will receive an email acknowledgment which can be used when the Museum reopens, as there is likely to be delay getting cards out to you when that happens.

New Members joining will also receive an email welcome with the full Membership pack being sent later.

We'll be keeping in touch with Members through our normal channels of the Members regular email and our social media feeds - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will be posting regular links to special Members content as well as historic pictures and films.

The Brooklands Bulletin will also continue to be published and the next issue is currently in production, which should be with you at the end of April.

We hope that you can remain engaged with the Members and the Museum through these channels and that you are in a position to continue to show your support through these difficult times.

You may wish to make a separate donation to the Museum and you can do so here #LOVEBROOKLANDS

We hope that you all stay well and free of the virus  - join Mrs Alwynne in the picture above and practice self distancing or isolation as necessary.