Fawley Railway and Museum Members Rally: 14 August

Fawley Railway and Museum Members Rally: 14 August

12 July 2022

A visit has been arranged to Fawley Railway and Museum on Sunday 14th August 2022. The Rally will start at Painshill Gardens, Cobham for breakfast, being the usual coffee/tea and bacon butties and ends at Fawley so it is up to you to make your own way home.

This is a fantastic day as you have unlimited free rides on the steam train which sets off from Somersham Station which was rescued from demolition. The Railway runs through a park which doubles as an animal sanctuary and is home to a large variety of free roaming animals. The Railway is around 2.8k in length and features the steepest adhesion-worked, standard gauge steam railway in the country with a ruling gradient of 1:13 so you can be assured of some spectacular steam action.

Trains run at regular intervals throughout the day until around 16.30 hours. The Museum seems never ending with memorabilia from various train operators and finally there are several extensive working model train sets. Up to twenty of our oldest classic vehicles that enter this Rally will be allocated special parking in the Station Yard. All other vehicles will be parked in the main public car park. A picnic will be needed although there is a pop-up cafe at the rear of the station building mainly selling tea/coffee and ice cream. There are plenty of scenic places to enjoy a picnic while watching the trains go by. We are lucky to be invited to this private railway and we are sure that you will enjoy a good afternoons entertainment. It is suitable for children of all ages.

The Rally

This is a non-competitive Touring Assembly, suitable for all types and ages of vehicles. Your vehicle does not have to be a classic for you to be eligible to participate as entry is open to any road licensed/insured vehicle. Joining instructions will be sent out about a week before the event. Entries are limited to 30 cars, 2 people per car, maximum. Places will be offered on a first com first come basis as usual.


The Entry Fee for Members is £60.00 (non-members £70.00) which includes breakfast buttie, Road book, Rally Plate and entry to Fawley Steam Railway for the Driver and a Navigator.


Entry forms are available from Angela Hume by email: