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Mission and Values

Inspiring people to shape their future through inventiveness, expertise and a sense of adventure

Brooklands Museum celebrates our amazing history of innovation in aviation and motor sport. We keep alive the struggles and achievements of the men and women of Brooklands, who accomplished things that had never been done before in their fields, through their inventiveness, expertise and sense of adventure. We ensure this remains relevant to today by encouraging people to think about and develop the qualities and skills they need to shape their future and meet the modern equivalents of the challenges overcome by people at Brooklands in the past.

Our mission is ‘to preserve and interpret the heritage of Brooklands, to use that heritage to inspire and educate and to provide a world-class visitor attraction accessible to all.’

Our aim is for Brooklands to be ‘best in class’ and an internationally recognised ‘living museum’. By that we mean that the Museum will be a place of activity: we will demonstrate our aircraft and cars by running engines and provide rides on Test Hill and the Banking; we will continue to develop our learning and family activities for all ages, with volunteers who will interact with visitors to ensure that they get the most out of their visits. Our site will be dynamic with constantly developing exhibitions and displays and we will not be afraid to try new things.

Brooklands is built on real stories of people with a passion for breaking the mould, their genius and invention, celebrated on the actual tarmac and in the very buildings ‘where it actually happened’. The Museum will continue to be at the forefront of preserving the heritage of Brooklands, both on its own site but also taking a lead and influencing the landowners and stakeholders in the wider Brooklands area.

We will strive to be educationally excellent, which we will achieve by instilling traditional museum values of scholarship and research into modern interpretation and continuing to develop our successful schools and college programme.

In accordance with our Access Policy, we welcome all members of society and aim to provide the best possible physical, sensory, intellectual, cultural and financial access to our collections by removing, reducing or overcoming barriers to learning and enjoyment in these areas. Barriers to access in our existing buildings and displays are removed as resources permit and we ensure that any new projects, restorations or re-displays take access issues fully into account at an early stage in the planning process.

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Annual reports and accounts

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