Pure Michigan, Official Sponsor of Mustang Day and American Day

05 April 2024

We are delighted to announce Pure Michigan as official sponsor for Mustang Day this Saturday 20th April and American Day on 1st September.

Whether you are a city adventurer, outdoor enthusiast, foodie or enjoy travelling with family or friends – make your trip uniquely Pure Michigan.

Pure Michigan is home of the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Your trip begins at

The State of Michigan in the American Midwest is known as The Great Lakes State, its principal city Detroit, is a legend in the automotive world. Henry Ford is said to have put the world on wheels, but the city boasts an impressive range of iconic cars that resonate to this day. The Mustang celebrates its 60th birthday in 2024, and Fords longest running marque is greatly loved, and perhaps the finest example of Americana there is.

Michigan consists of two large peninsulas known as the Upper and Lower respectively. Having land borders with the other US States of Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana and sharing a water border with Illinois and Minnesota. The Detroit River is in touching distance of Winsor Ontario with a bridge that crosses into Canada.

The State has the longest freshwater coastline in the United States, pristine beaches, lakes that feel like oceans, glorious sunrises, and sunsets. The best of the outdoors with snow-capped peaks, fresh powder, water sports and abundance of natural wilderness, Michigan is a revelation. The skies, are so free of light pollution it is also the perfect place to observe night-time skies scattered with stars, and daytime skies that are the deepest blue.

With Iconic cities, open roads and picturesque towns, Michigan is blessed with attractions that provide visitors with a taste of what might be called “The Real America”.

It is astonishing to note that while Fords gift to the world, from humble beginnings at his Detroit, Piquette Avenue plant, to the now sprawling Rouge Factory, this great city also has associations with the likes of Cadillac, Lincoln, Dodge, Packard, Buick, and Chevrolet.

From humble  beginnings with the Model T,  to the iconic, all-electric F150 lightning, now in production,  Detroit and Michigan continue to confound and impress the world.

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