Re-engineering Brooklands Update Summer 2016

08 August 2016

The new Flight Shed building is nearing completion and we are now preparing for the next stage of the project.

On the 31st August the Wellington Hangar will open for the final time in its current form. So, if you would like to experience the current exhibition one last time, make sure you schedule in a visit this August.

In September we will begin to move the exhibits from the Wellington Hangar into storage and into the new Flight Shed building. The Vickers Vimy and Wellington Bomber will be moved into temporary buildings in the Aircraft Park and the Vickers Valiant cockpit will be moved to the Stratosphere Chamber.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been repositioning some of the aircraft in the Aircraft Park. These relocations will allow us to construct new temporary buildings for the Vickers Vimy and Wellington Bomber. The final repositioning of Concorde, the BAC 1-11 and VC10 ‘Victor Mike’ onto their new concrete bases will be on Friday 12th August. To do this, we regret that we will have to close Concorde for the day. Please also check the Museum website for Concorde flights on Monday 15th August before travelling.

The Museum will be open as usual during this period. Although you will not be able to access the aircraft and Hangar, visitors will be able to observe some of the operations taking place. Please note dates are subject to change.

Re-Engineering Brooklands Schedule

July - August

Concorde and the BAC 1-11 repositioned slightly to enable contractors to construct new bases for undercarriage.

Friday 12th August

Concorde, VC10 Victor Mike and the BAC 1-11 moved onto their new bases. (No Concorde experience flights of kids Tours on Concorde on 12th August)

Wednesday 31st August

Wellington Hangar open to Museum visitors with existing exhibits & displays for the final time - closes at 17:00


Work begins to remove exhibits from the Wellington Hangar.