Local MP Dr. Ben Spencer enjoys a preview tour around the Museum

04 August 2020

Local MP Dr. Ben Spencer enjoys an exclusive tour around the Museum to offer his support ahead of the reopening on Saturday 1st August.

Chairman of the Brooklands Museum Trust, Sir Gerald Acher, met with the recently appointed representative for Runneymede and Weybridge and discussed plans for future developments at the Museum, as well as spoke about how Brooklands Museum has benefitted from government initiatives such as the furlough scheme and opportunities to apply for funding and grants.

The private tour included a visit to the award-winning Brooklands Aircraft Factory that was completed in 2017. The local MP who recognises the significance of the aviation industry in Weybridge claimed his favourite part of the visit was looking over the Wellington Bomber and hearing the incredible story of her manufacture at Brooklands, tragic crash into Loch Ness and the recovery.  

Dr. Ben Spencer said:

“Brooklands isn’t a museum as you’d expect, it is a living, breathing and evolving centre of British innovation and development with a proud tradition of overcoming challenges in the face of adversity.

From the first pioneering days of flight to racing to cross the Atlantic; from record-breaking motor racing to the development of supersonic flight; Brooklands’ history is the forefront of British innovation and engineering excellence.

But what makes Brooklands is its staff and volunteers. Those who designed, built, drove and flew what are now exhibits, have come back to renovate and maintain, and inspire the next generation.”

Dr Ben Spencer was elected as the Member of Parliament for Runnymede and Weybridge at the 2019 general election. He is currently a member of the Work and Pensions Select Committee