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Brooklands Years Relived 2022 Report


Brooklands Years Relived 2022 Report

12 July 2022

Saturday 9th July 2022 saw Brooklands turn back in time to celebrate Brooklands Years Relived, with the site packed with vintage-dressed women, men and children, enjoying the site alongside music, dance and cars.


The day started off strong, with live music from the Hot Jazz Vagabonds in the dance tent, many showcased their moves from Charlestons to Jives. This dancing was followed by a wonderful demonstration of cars, including Brooklands very own Napier Railton, this time being driven by Georgina Wood - one of the trustees of the Museum. 

The glorious sunshine meant everyone was able to enjoy the days events, from looking at the cars on display to seeing the marvel that is Test Hill. Luckily we there was a Pimms bar in the dance tent, to help people cool off with a nice cold glass! The Paddock grill also had the BBQ running- perfect for a hot summers day! The tills were ringing too, as the myriad of trade stands displayed their hoards of vintage clothing and accessories! 

Our best dressed competition was a huge success, with lots of lovely vintage clothing on show! Our best dressed King and Queen were well deserved for the attention to detail of their outfits. 

The highlight of the day (apart from the dancing!) was the roar of the engines reverberating around the Museum, as crowds gathered to watch the Finishing Straight demonstrations and Test Hill ascents. 

Images below from Brooklands Years Relived 2022, credit Brooklands Museum & Brooklands Member, Nick Levy