Brooklands set to beat another record

07 November 2019

On Saturday 9th November, the Brooklands Radio team will commemorate 101 years since the end of World War I by contacting 101 amateur radio stations across Europe in just 6 hours.

Allowing 3 minutes to make a connection and say their introductions, the Brooklands Radio team will race through an average of 17 stations per hour.

The world’s first air-to-ground voice transmission took place at Brooklands in 1915 when the ground crew were able to speak with and clearly hear back from a pilot flying overhead, paving the way for in-flight radio communications as we know them today, and revolutionising flight in war and conflict.

Peter Burton, a volunteer for the Brooklands Radio team will be leading the marathon radio record attempt.

He said ‘No one has ever done this before and we will be conducting this challenge from the same site the original Marconi equipment was used in the first transmission. It’s amazing to think that we’re in the very place that first communication was made and now we’re able to speak in the same way with people from all over the world.

We’ll be setting up a display of original radios and equipment in the Press Hut, which was the official base for all journalists and media for all Brooklands’ race events, and people can come and see us in action or listen online, with the secret transmission frequency being revealed on the day.’

Visitors can see the radio team in action between 10am and 4pm or listen online by visiting and using Museum call sign GB1 BM.