Brooklands Conservation Management Plan Consultation

06 July 2017

  • Historic England together with partners from the Brooklands Heritage Partnership is hosting an event to explore how to safeguard the future of Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit
  • The event coincides with the 110th anniversary of the 1st ever race at Brooklands
  • Public asked to comment on the Brooklands Aerodrome and Motor Racing Circuit Conservation Management Plan Consultation
  • Link to Historic England list description can be found here

Historic England along with partners from the Brooklands Heritage Partnership is calling for action to safeguard the future of the Brooklands motor racing circuit, one of motor racing’s and England’s most important pieces of heritage. During July, Historic England in partnership with Brooklands Museum, Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey County Council will be hosting an event at Brooklands Museum to bring together owners, tenants and neighbouring residents and businesses. The aim is to explore ways to safeguard the future of the site while celebrating the 110th anniversary of the first race.

At the moment parts of the circuit, which has multiple owners and stakeholders, is on the Historic England Heritage at Risk Register. Whilst some areas are in reasonable condition others are being damaged by trees and scrub and a lack of maintenance and other areas need repairs. Historic England wants to work directly with owners and tenants to improve the overall condition of the circuit. During the event Historic England will be offering advice and support to all those who have responsibility for a piece of the historic site as well as providing a new “Owners Guide” with practical tips and instructions on the simple steps that can be taken to help manage this vulnerable site.

Historic England has provided Brooklands Museum with over £30,000 in grant funding for the creation of a Conservation Management Plan which aims to provide information and guidance on best practice to landowners, residents and other stakeholders. It will also inform future decision making on proposals affecting the area and make recommendations for projects to ensure the future conservation of the area.

Elmbridge Borough Council is currently consulting on this plan and would welcome comments. You can access the consultation on their website.

Clare Charlesworth, Heritage at Risk Principal Adviser for Historic England in the South East said

“Whilst part of the track sits within Brooklands Museum, other parts are now within residential gardens, public parks and industrial and retail units We hope that by bringing together all those who act as guardians or neighbours to this amazing piece of history that we will be able to foster new relationships and take practical steps to improve the condition and maintenance of the site. We appreciate that many owners may not understand the importance of the site and will not have experience of managing a scheduled monument. We wish to provide general guidance on the simple steps needed to maintain the structure and more detailed help where this is needed.

Together we hope to ensure that the Brooklands Motor Racing Track will remain a physical reminder of our engineering, entrepreneurship and enterprise. And that this unique site, which has seen world records broken, held the first British Grand Prix and hosted a major construction site for some of Britain’s most famous aircraft, will be well protected and cherished for another 110 years.”